Zoe Kravitz’s diet and exercise routine is the perfect mix of indulgence and restraint

  • Actress Zoe Kravitz always looks great, from her glowing skin to her toned physique. INSIDER looked at her diet and exercise routines to find out her secrets.
  • When it comes to exercise, simple cardio is her favorite, as well as stretching.
  • Her diet is primarily vegan, with a heavy focus on unprocessed foods and plenty of water.
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With parents like musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, it should come as no surprise that 30-year-old Zoe Kravitz is uber-cool, talented, and attractive.

The actress — who has starred in hit movies and on TV shows like “Divergent,” “ Big Little Lies,” and both “Fantastic Beasts” films — always looks amazing, with glowing skin and a toned physique.

To find out her secrets, we decided to take a closer look at Kravitz’s diet and exercise regimen.

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She prefers working out alone and doesn’t use a trainer

Kravitz told Harper’s Bazaar that she doesn’t have a trainer because she prefers working out solo for some alone time.

“I’ve worked with a lot of trainers over the years for shows and films, so I know enough about fitness to do things on my own at this point,” she said.

Cardio is her go-to form of exercise, including running and doing the elliptical

Her preferred method of exercise is cardio, ranging from outdoor runs and hikes to the elliptical, according to Harper’s Bazaar. “And I do stretches and sit-ups at home, like leg exercises and stuff,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. Overall, she likes to keep things simple in the exercise department.

Kravitz will exercise in the morning or at night

Working out first thing in the morning or last thing at night is Kravitz’s preference, she told Harper’s Bazaar: “I think it helps me sleep, and it’s very important to sweat and move your blood.”

She enjoys a good schvitz in a steam room from time to time

Speaking of sweat, Kravitz told Harper’s Bazaar that she loves “steam rooms, because it helps get all the toxins out and rejuvenate your body.”

She keeps her skin looking amazing with smart diet and lifestyle choices

She also attributed her amazing skin to sweating out toxins, drinking plenty of water, and minimizing stress, according to W.

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Kravitz generally eats vegan but sometimes eats ethically sourced meat

Although Kravitz was raised vegan, she now eats meat but tries “to be conscious about where it’s coming from. But I stick to mostly vegan health food just because it’s how I grew up,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Her diet is full of healthy, unprocessed foods and supplements.

Some of her favorite things to eat and drink to look and feel great are “water, organic non-processed foods, supplements like fish oils for the skin, and probiotics for digestion,” she told W.

She drinks tea instead of coffee most of the time

Kravitz used to be a big coffee drinker but has since cut down, instead enjoying matcha or chai tea in the morning, she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Kravitz usually eats breakfast a little later than most

She doesn’t eat breakfast first thing in the morning, she told Harper’s Bazaar: “I need time to wake up before I have my breakfast, and sometimes it takes my body a while. When I’m working and I have to get up at four o’clock in the morning, I’ll need, like, two breakfasts. But if I have a normal day when I get up by myself, sometimes as late as 10:30, I usually don’t get hungry until noon or 1 P.M.”

A perfect breakfast for her is eggs over easy with toast and avocado

Her ideal breakfast consists of “eggs over easy with toast and avocado. If I’m making it at home, I’ll do a bowl with quinoa and egg and avocado and Sriracha, but I usually go out,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

She sometimes indulges in chocolate, peanut butter, and alcoholic drinks

She isn’t always 100% healthy. When it comes to snack time, “chocolate or anything with peanut butter” are her go-tos, and she enjoys drinking whiskey and red wine from time to time, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Kravitz has a secret immune-boosting weapon up her sleeve

If she feels a cold coming on and needs an immunity boost, Kravitz swears by Dr. Schulze’s Cold & Flu Herbal Shot. “It really knocks out anything you have going on,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

She beats stress with massages and body work.

Rigorous massages and body work are stress-busting musts for the actress, she told Harper’s Bazaar: “I’m always traveling or working out, so in L.A. I see a body worker to break up all of that tension.”

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