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A boxing workout with Jennifer Aniston's trainer had me dripping in sweat and feeling more accomplished than ever

To work on stamina, a skill Enriquez said is necessary for a boxer, we headed over to the VersaClimber. I had never used a VersaClimber before, but soon after being introduced to the machine, I knew I was in for an experience.

To use the cardio machine, I stood straight up with my feet on the pedals below me and my hands on the handles directly in front of my face. I was then instructed to drive my knees towards my chest one after the other, over and over again: Essentially, I was doing vertical mountain climbers. I did four 30-second rounds on the VersaClimber, which doesn’t sound like much, but left me feeling like I’d done enough cardio to last a year.

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Still, Enriquez stressed the importance of incorporating cardio into your workout routines. “Cardio is the cornerstone of fitness, especially for those that are not professional athletes, and high cardiovascular fitness will help you live longer,” he said.

For boxers, Enriquez said cardio is just as important since they compete in three-minute rounds and they have to give their all the entire time.

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