9 reasons why someone might be afraid of commitment

  • Relationship expert April Masini attributes peer pressure and fear of failure as a couple of the reasons that people are afraid of commitment.
  • Pew Research found that 42% of Americans didn’t have a significant other in 2017.
  • Poor relationships with friends and family, as well as bad past relationships, can cause people to avoid commitment, according to Masini.

The idea of long-term commitment isn’t for everyone. In fact, recent statistics show that marriage — one of the biggest commitments a couple can make — is on the decline over the last several decades.

A Pew Research study found that roughly 42% of US citizens did not have a spouse or partner as of 2017. That’s down 3% from 2007. While the statistics may not seem incredibly significant right off the bad, it is indicative of the fact that marriage is on the decline amongst Americans. This could be a sign of a larger issue — that many people are afraid of commitment.

What drives people to be afraid of choosing just one person to be in a committed relationship with? Here are 10 reasons why people are afraid of commitment, according to a relationship expert.

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