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6 signs your marriage won't last a year

“Something that is more common than you think is that there was supposed to be a prenup which never got signed and now there is pressure to sign a postnup and the spouse is refusing,” Chemtob told INSIDER.

So, if you know you want a prenup, make sure you put your foot down and actually get one. Or, at the very least, talk with your partner about their hesitations if they are reluctant to sign one to see if you can come to an agreement.

“A prenup is an excellent way to clear issues off the table early on,” Chemtob told INSIDER. “Both parties understand how the finances will work during the marriage and there will be no surprises as to who will be paying for what. It also sets forth the assets and liabilities of the parties getting married…[which] means there is complete transparency at the very beginning.”

According to Chemtob, the prenup process can sometimes reveal some unsettling things about a future spouse, like realizing they are “incredibly cheap [or] exceedingly greedy.”

It won’t be fun to find those things out — but, then again, it’s probably best to discover before you marry someone, rather than after.

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