5 ways the keto diet has changed not just my weight but my overall health

It’s safe to say I was addicted to sugar. In fact, I still am — I don’t think you ever get over an addiction, you just learn behaviors to help you conquer the harmful behaviors it encourages.

Before I started losing weight and fully committed to keto, I’d find myself bingeing on candy and loads of other sugary sweets — pastries and cakes, cookies, etc. — several times a week, which always made me feel worse, put my health further in danger, and packed on the pounds.

Since keto is an extremely low carbohydrate diet, in which you’re supposed to eat no more than 20 grams of net carbs per day, that means sugar is out the window.

Cutting myself off cold turkey was incredibly difficult at first, but the longer I went without all the unhealthy junk I was eating before, the less I found myself wanting it. I did find some great keto-friendly dessert recipes once I felt more in control of my cravings, and those have more than made up for the lack of actual sugar in my diet.

It feels great not to be controlled by sugar anymore.

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