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5 Easy Steps to Get Started Writing for and About Your Company

It’s summer, and for writer types like me, it’s time to clear the head and think. I love it. Leading up to the end of the school year, life was a blur and the calendar chock-full of kid-related activities, and I had zero energy for my own writing. Zero ideas to match. I write all of this because if writing for and about your company and sharing your expertise in blog posts, website copy, LinkedIn articles, and more has been a goal of yours or something you want to tackle with renewed energy, summer is a great time to start.

It’s a good time to start writing to promote yourself and your business because work might be a tad calmer as clients go on vacation. It’s a good time because there’s more time to let the mind wander, and that leads to ideas for what to write about. Give it a try. Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Take it one article at a time.

Developing a rhythm for writing can be hard, especially if it’s a brand-new habit. Make it less overwhelming by taking it one article at a time. Perhaps you aim to write one piece — a blog post, website FAQ, or LinkedIn article — a month. 

2. Think easy-to-write, summertime topics.

Keep it light and easy in the summer. Save your harder topics for every other season. Think of stories that everyone likes to read this time of year. Reporters call them evergreen topics. Some ideas: summer reading lists for others in business or your particular industry; vacation tips, including how entrepreneurs can get some R&R; lessons learned from summer jobs and internships.

3. Create your editorial calendar.

Once you’ve written an article or two, pat yourself on the back. Now it’s time to start thinking ahead. Start creating your editorial calendar, mapping out future topics by month. This will make it easier to maintain the writing habit, because you’ll always have your next idea in hand. As new ideas pop up, you can write more or push other ideas out and extend your editorial calendar — pushing off the dreaded writer’s block in the process.

4. Make time to read.

Ideas don’t come in a vacuum. Another way to make sure you have article ideas always in hand: Read more. Make time to read everything — your LinkedIn feed, newspapers, magazines, research and studies you set aside for later. 

5. Don’t forget to find art to go with what you write.

Your copy will attract more eyeballs if there is a visual element to go with it. Plus, finding artwork to go with your topic makes the writing easier. For example, for this column I always find the photo before I stop writing. When I’m stuck on a sentence or thinking of how to express something, I’ll let my mind wander while looking at that photo. Good places to go for royalty-free photos: Pixabay.com and Unsplash.com.

Bottom line: If writing has been a goal for you to promote your business, now is the time. Come September when everyone gets back to work, you will have a head start on a library of content to promote your company and yourself as a subject matter expert. You will be in a writing groove.

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