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11 ways sex can make you healthier

Whether you’re struggling with insomnia or simply recovering from one restless night, you might feel too tired to be in the mood for sex. But mustering up the energy for a quickie or solo session might be the best thing you can do to prevent another night spent tossing and turning.

“There’s such a complex relationship between sex and sleep,” explained Dr. Brandeis, telling us that “because they are two of the body’s essential biological functions, fixing one can improve the other.””Sex and orgasms both release the hormone oxytocin, which increases trust, well-being and improves the bond between partners. As a result, stress is lowered and sleep is simpler to come by. Not to mention, sex can be quite a workout itself, which may lower your energy levels to just the right spot,” lulling you into a peaceful slumber.

Dr. Gersh agreed, citing the flood of oxytocin, which she calls “the hormone of love, bonding, peace, tranquility, and trust,” as well as a rise in the hormone serotonin, which she says “promote a sense of calmness and welcomes sleep.”She added, “Even without an orgasm, sex promotes restful sleep by lowering cortisol levels and by promoting melatonin production, a major hormone for sleep.”

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